CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- In the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, 16-year-old students in middle-track schools decide whether to stay in school to pursue an academic career or enroll in a vocational training program. A new study offers evidence that the path they choose influences their personality years later.

The research is reported in the journal Psychological Science.

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone have been lingering in the Southern Pacific Ocean for days. On Dec. 10, the storm finally appeared more organized on satellite imagery providing forecasters with a strong indication that it may be reborn as a tropical cyclone. NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the Gulf of Carpentaria and saw the storm.

Cellular pathways represent the intricate metabolic connections between the plethora of signaling pathways, and energetic-sensors in organs. To maintain energy balance in body organs these metabolic pathways must act uniformly at any given point in time. This is to ensure organ functionality under specific metabolic changes. A new class of non-coding RNAs, MicroRNA, has recently been discovered which has proven the process of metabolic homeostasis to be more complex than it was previously thought.

New York, NY--December 10, 2018--People who are grieving a major loss, such as the death of a spouse or a child, use different coping mechanisms to carry on with their lives. Psychologists have been able to track different approaches, which can reflect different clinical outcomes. One approach that is not usually successful is avoidant grief, a state in which people suffering from grief show marked, effortful, repeated, and often unsuccessful attempts to stop themselves from thinking about their loss.

University of Sydney authors who led the research said the Mamil study was prompted by media attention given to depicting and satirising this group and the importance of physical activity for preventing lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disease.

Characters in the Game of Thrones TV series are more likely to die if they do not switch allegiance, and are male, according to an article published in the open access journal Injury Epidemiology.

In a crystalline solid, the atoms form an ordered lattice. Crystalline solids respond elastically to small deformations: When the applied strain is removed, the macroscopic stress, as well as the microscopic configuration of the atomic lattice, goes back to the original state. On the other hand, a material behaves plastically if it does not return to its original state. In general, plasticity only occurs when the deformation is sufficiently large.

Australian scientists have investigated new directions to scale up qubits - utilising the spin-orbit coupling of atom qubits - adding a new suite of tools to the armory.

Spin-orbit coupling, the coupling of the qubits' orbital and spin degree of freedom, allows the manipulation of the qubit via electric, rather than magnetic-fields. Using the electric dipole coupling between qubits means they can be placed further apart, thereby providing flexibility in the chip fabrication process.

Chestnut Hill, Mass. (12/7/2018) - Like so many targets of scientific inquiry, the class of material referred to as the kagome magnet has proven to be a source of both frustration and amazement. Further revealing the quantum properties of the kagome magnet is seen as one of the primary challenges in fundamental physics - to both theorists and experimentalists.

A review published in Neurology® explores novel approaches beyond the common amyloid that could slow or prevent Alzheimer's

Experts say combination therapy for Alzheimer's disease likely needed for better treatment outcomes, similar to heart disease and cancer