Aging alone does not explain kidney pathology

Non-Cancerous Tissue from Nephrectomy Specimens: A Window into Kidney Pathology

Kidney pathology from non-cancerous portions of the kidney from patients undergoing nephrectomy can offer insight into the spectrum of kidney histopathological findings in humans. Researchers reviewed pathology reports from 1,347 patients who underwent nephrectomy between 1999-2018, examining the association between the degree of scarring in the glomerulus, tubules/interstitium, and vessels, with kidney function at the time of kidney removal. They also looked at the relationship between age and kidney function among each category of scarring. The researchers found that more scarring in the glomerulus, tubules/interstitium, and the vessels was associated with worse kidney function. They also found that though older individuals were more likely to have more scarring in the glomerulus and tubules/interstitium, and that taking into account age did not change these findings.

National Kidney Foundation